Ideally a traveler, realistically a teacher, and optimistically a writer.

Hi! I’m Alice. I’m 24 years old and I am a British girl working as a teacher in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s been a wild few years, so how did I get here?

I’m from Aylesbury in the UK, but I haven’t lived there since 2018. I’m not the biggest fan of my hometown. When I miss things about the UK, it’s mostly Greggs vegan steak bakes and sausage rolls. However, I do have some amazing memories there. Mostly, going to London with friends. I think about going to Pride in London. …

The results surprised me and I learned a lot

I really enjoy engaging with sex-positive content. Hyping up a stranger telling me their sexual escapades and sharing my own stories is one of my main hobbies. I am also interested in researching astrology and love learning about the characteristics of the signs. Let’s combine those interests and find out who the sexually superior sign is (from my personal experience).

I didn’t specifically hunt down any sign for the purposes of this, but I did have to stalk the social media of many people I slept with to compile this data. …

Stop moaning about self-diagnosis, it can actually be helpful

Disclaimer: I am still in the process of getting an ADHD diagnosis. This is just about my personal experience and discussions I have seen on social media about ADHD.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder affects so many aspects of life and can be left undiagnosed into adulthood- especially for women. There is an assumption that ADHD is something that only young hyperactive boys have. I studied childcare for years and never heard anything different. The less obvious inattentive symptoms are overlooked by educators.

Why do you think you have ADHD?

I presumed that I was lazy and disorganised for my entire life and never considered what could be…

Yes, but you should still visit Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Picture this: you walk along a beach covered in litter passing a girl lying face down in the sand, a stranger squatting to take a dump, and a couple unashamedly going at it in the shallow water of the sea. This is what greets you after sunrise on Haad Rin Beach after the Full Moon Party.

There are many islands in the south of Thailand. Koh Tao is known for diving. Koh Samui is completely commercialized and filled with resorts. Tourists go to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party. …

A rant where everything is capitalism’s fault

It is a simple fact that your manager cares more about money than your well-being. We know that ultimately we are not the priority. There are many lies that superiors tell us to keep us loyal and dedicated to our job. They love to tell you that “we’re a family.” You’re not. It’s just a way to exploit their workers.

“We care about a healthy work-life balance.”

I was signed off for depression at a job where I had been working my entire adult life. I was well respected and had gained two promotions during my four years of work. …

Travel Tips

Sometimes travel is more fun when you’re spontaneous

When traveling, I met many people with various travel styles. There isn’t a right or wrong answer. You have to find what suits you and makes you have the best experience. Whether you need a meticulously planned itinerary, a rough idea, or like to go with the flow. Let’s look at how these different travel styles worked out for me during my year in southeast Asia.

Detailed planning

This really isn’t for me. I was baffled when I met people who had every flight pre-booked, each hostel planned exactly, and knew what they were doing every day. …

Disability In Schools

The impact CFS/ME has had on my life and mental health for years

I don’t remember what my life was like before having a chronic illness. Until recently, I actually used to put a lot of effort into hiding the fact that I have one. I would simply pretend it did not exist. I would push myself too far in an attempt to live a “normal” life until that would result in being unable to get out of bed. That’s a pretty typical reaction to overexertion when you have CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 15, but I had problems with going to school for a…

Sri Lanka

What to do when you accidentally attend the wake of a random guy you never met

The next destination on our Sri Lanka trip was a smaller coastal town called Unawatuna. We just wanted to visit a different beach and move closer to Mirissa, where our surf camp was starting in a few days. It was only a 35-minute drive away from Hikkaduwa, where we had spent long days at the beach sipping cocktails and enjoying the local nightlife.

We booked a stay at Panny Packers hostel, which was a 5-minute walk to the beach. The facilities in the hostel were very basic (the bathroom had a hole in the wall in place of a window…

Maybe it’s none of your business

For years, I would go to a salon to get a bikini wax regularly. I wasn’t necessarily having wild sex all the time, but I felt like I was treating myself. I never thought I’d miss idle chit chat with my waxing lady while she rips the hair from my labia. I could also actually afford it before the pandemic. So, I miss that too.

I used to get insecure about my pubic hair. All of my body hair is dark and thick. I remember girls laughing at my armpit hair in the PE changing rooms as a teenager. It…


Hikkaduwa was a much more positive part of my Sri Lanka trip

My first impression of Sri Lanka was luckily not a true reflection of the rest of my trip. I felt as though I had been thrown into the deep end, especially after leaving the security of a guided tour in India.

I wasn’t a fan of Colombo or Negombo and I talk about the uncomfortable situations with sexual harassment in the previous part of this series. The best summary I can give is that men are gross, but escaping from a dodgy hotel with two girls I barely knew was the start of a wonderful friendship.

We shared our story…

Alice Sullivan

Having to change my main identifier from “World Traveler” to “Writer” has been the biggest transition this pandemic, but maybe I’ll be both when it’s all over

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